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After School Program

Parents, you and your child will love our After School TaeKwonDo Program.  Our rates are comparable to other after school programs And you receive TaeKwonDo.  When you enroll your child in our After School care, we’ll teach your child TaeKwonDo.  Studies have shown that TaeKwonDo training can develop leadership skills necessary to succeed in life.  If you’re like most parents, you’re probably on a budget.  Our program makes it easy to give your child TWO activities for the price of one.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment Fees — $199 For All Students:

  • New students will get a uniform starter packet.
  • All students get a new Dri-fit shirt, $29 Annual T/R Dues and snacks for school year.
  • All returning students must have all equipment required for current rank. All returning students will be required to buy any items that they are missing, broken or out-grown.

Downloadable Forms (Portland)

Downloadable Forms (Rockport)

Weekly Tuition Information:

Weekly Tuition $75 per week, per child for 6:00pm pick-up
$85 per week, per child for 6;30pm pick-up
Weekly Tuition (additional child) $70 per week per each additional child for 6:00pm pick-up
$80 per week per each additional child for 6:30pm pick-up
Early Release Days, including teacher in-service & staff training days $20 per child
1-Day Camps, including teacher in-service & staff training days $35 per child

Program Information


Our TaeKwonDo program offers daily core lessons. These lessons develop self-esteem and confidence, teach discipline and self-control, help channel aggressive energy, develop lifetime self-defense skills, are fun, and encourage positive work and academic values. Students are continually asked to achieve new levels both physically and emotionally. Our environment, though demanding, is one of achievement through individual growth. By focusing and working hard, our students realize that they can be highly successful in TaeKwonDo.

Other Programs Available*

  • Grappling is a style of ground fighting that uses your opponent’s body against them. It is all about position and leverage which requires very little strength. The teaching methods taught are the only ones approved by TRMAI because of their safety and effectiveness.
  • XP: Xtreme Performance is an invitation-only class with weapons, extreme martial arts, and free design forms.

Course Details

  • Transportation
  • Snack Time
  • Homework Time
  • Planned Activities
  • Regular TaeKwonDo classes
  • Free Time
  • Fun!!

Program Schedule

3:00-4:00PM Pick up from school
4:00-4:30PM Organized Game Time   
4:30-6:25PM TKD Class Time (specific time)
4:30-6:20PM Homework Time (when not in class)
6:00-6:30PM Pick up

Students are required to attend class 2-3 times a week.

Late Pick-Up Fees:
Late pick up fees will be charged at $1 per minute for the first 30 minutes and $5 per minute after the first 30 minutes. See our policy manual for a complete list of penalty fees.