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Three Reasons Why Parents and Kids Choose Tiger-Rock

A Great Location

Our Portland Academy is located at 1500 Wildcat Dr. Unit C, Portland, TX 78374. Drop by or call us today at (361) 643-7853!


No Long Term Contracts

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we put our members first. That’s why as a member, you never have to worry about being locked into a long-term, fixed contract.

Our Community

When you join this Tiger-Rock academy, you will become part of a community of nearly 30,000 students across 100 academies from coast to coast.

Portland families love Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is martial arts safe?

Martial arts training does not carry any higher risk than other physical activity, athletic training, or sport. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts takes safety very seriously. All of our instructors are First-Aid certified and we work diligently to conduct lessons in a way that reduces the risk of injury.

Can martial arts improve my child's behavior?

Many parents at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Portland and Rockport have commented to us that they have seen a remarkable improvement in their child’s behavior after a few months of martial arts training. Martial arts encourages respect for authority and self-discipline. Children are taught to follow instructions and channel their energy.

Does Tiger-Rock Martial Arts enforce long term contracts?

We put our members first at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Portland and Rockport. We do not lock students into long term contracts. We only require an advance written notice if you decide to pause your Tiger-Rock Membership. Our staff will go over this policy in detail with you.

Schedule a tour of our academy

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is the premier martial arts academy in Portland. Once you tour our facility, you will see why.

Fill out the form to get in contact with an academy staff member to schedule your tour of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Portland.

  • Spacious training center
  • Incredible amenities
  • World-class martial arts and self-defense training
  • Competitive events
  • After School Center and Summer Camps for kids