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Virtual Learning Center

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has been providing after-school care to the Corpus Christi, Portland, Rockport and surrounding area school districts for over a decade. Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, you may need options as a parent of a child that is participating in virtual learning. Tiger-Rock of Portland & Rockport has you covered.

We are pleased to announce we will be offering a VIRTUAL LEARNING SPACE to provide parents an option if they need to go back to work or if they just want the children to get back on a regular school schedule as soon as possible.  With most of the local area school starting out the school year with online classes, we will be offering a supervised learning space supported by the Tiger-Rock staff.  This is a service to all elementary and middle school students.

As a staff, we are certified in many areas of education and childcare.  The virtual learning space will start August 17th, 2020 or early depending on your specific school schedule and will continue until all school districts return to holding classes in-person full-time.

All students will need to bring a laptop or tablet to be able to get online. In addition, students will need basic school supplies to complete their assignments.  Tiger-Rock will have some school supplies such as paper, pens, and pencils.  We will follow the online schedule set by each school and/or district.  Parents, please note that you will need to provide your child their lunch and additional snacks for the day.

As always, we will be following all local, state, and federal guidelines to protect against the coronavirus. Students will be required to wear masks; they will be socially distanced and will be checked for a fever and any related symptoms.  If your child is sick, they will need to stay home. No exceptions.

We will only be taking 25 students for this program. All students will be spread throughout our 3,000 square foot facility (120 square feet per student).


  • 7:30am-6:30pm: Members/Non-Members: $79 Daily Rate
  • 7:30am until 3pm: Members: $139 Weekly/Non-members: $169 Weekly
  • 7:30am until 6pm: Members: $164 Weekly/Non-members: $194 Weekly
  • 7:30am until 6:30pm: Members: $189 Weekly/Non-members: $219 Weekly

If you have questions or would like to register, please call or e-mail.

361-643-7853 (Portland office)

staff@portlandmaf.com (e-mail)

361-450-0425 (Rockport office)

staff@rockportmaf.com (e-mail)